Our final workshop of this season!

Attention and Self-Regulation

Facilitated by Debbie Cybulski and Cristi Oldfield Lindsay

Date:                    Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Time:                    6:30 – 8:30 PM

Location:            Online Zoom

Cost:                     $20

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About the workshop:

Raising children is challenging enough without the often contradictory and anxiety-provoking information about attention challenges. This workshop will provide the opportunity to deepen your understanding of how attention and self-regulation are achieved, the challenges that can arise, and how we can assist the developmental process.

Our objective is to provide parents and care providers with the opportunity to:

  • Share their concerns and triumphs
  • Connect with others experiencing similar challenges
  • Deepen their understanding of attention challenges
  • Understand how adults can positively influence their child’s behavior and resilience.

This session builds on the foundational content of our Through the Eyes of a Child, which is recommended as a prerequisite workshop.