We invite you to consider contributing to develop and extend new forms of leadership in First Nations early care and learning with the First Nations Pedagogies Network (

A third cohort of First Nations ‘Pedagogists’ will commence work together late summer/early Fall of 2022. Its unique networked approach will continue to allow First Nations forms of the new ‘Pedagogist’ role in Indigenous early learning and care to continue the co-creation of specifically First Nations pedagogical innovation and leadership—in collaborating, instigating, developing, sharing, supporting and leading transformative cultural work in Indigenous ECE.

Cohort members will be working with BCACCS’ ( ) First Nations Pedagogies Network leadership, staff and continuing membership to strengthen, enhance and expand a network of community-based leadership through culturally-rooted projects that will collaboratively support transformation, continuity and strength in First Nations ECE.

Working together in gatherings and online, and in respect of continuing commitments, participation could initially be a part-time, increasing to a more intensive period of working on projects with communities/programs in the Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 – concluding a planned 1 year program with storywork/documentation sharing and gathering by June/July 2023.

Depending on interest received, and its geographies, the third FNPN cohort will develop in a number of hubs of proximity and mutual support. The network will provide some equipment, an online infrastructure, cover travel and other expenses and remunerate cohort members at a contract rate of $44.78/hr1 (including GST).

At the end of this one-year program, First Nations ‘pedagogists’ will be qualified to work in ongoing support of capacity development and innovation in First Nations ECE, and it is hoped also in non-Indigenous ECE, where a parallel program (the Early Childhood Pedagogies Network – is also growing. The new professional role of a First Nations ‘pedagogist’ will provide
ongoing leadership toward the establishment, enhancement and expansion of ECE strong in Indigenous ways.

If you or someone you know or work with is interested, and able to make the commitment, please send a brief application to or by midnight Monday September 19th, 2022.

We ask that you provide the following:
1. your name
2. your location (physical, and cultural if you wish)
3. some idea of your availability for this work (including your ability to travel to gatherings, as well as site visits)
4. a paragraph on your background in First Nations ECE
5. a paragraph on your aspirations/hopes/dreams for First Nations ECE
6. 2 references’ contact information

Please consider the following from the position qualifications:

Requirements to Perform Successfully in the Role

Professional Qualifications & Education
Minimum Required: Undergraduate degree in education or related field, or equivalent experience in First Nations education/ECE
Optional: Master’s degree in First Nations education or related field

Minimum Required:
5 years’ experience in the early years field
Demonstrated experience in collaborative educational projects, or work that brings people together around common vision and/or challenges
Demonstrated experience producing and engaging with cultural projects in First Nations ECE and/or pedagogical narrations (pedagogical documentation)

5 years in a leadership role in an early learning and care environment (e.g. senior educator position, practicum placement mentor, pedagogical leader/facilitator)
Demonstrated experience supporting early childhood educators, programs and/or staff in the production of and engagement with cultural and/or decolonizing projects in First Nations ECE and/or pedagogical narrations and/or Indigenous storywork (pedagogical documentation of various kinds)
Writing and presenting related to Indigenous early childhood education and/or leadership (e.g. journals, websites, conferences, workshops)
Background checks for education verification (where applicable) & criminal record check will be required.

If you would like to learn more, an online information session via Zoom will be scheduled for
Friday, September 16th @ 12pm PST in the following link:
To be on a mailing list for the information session, please provide your email address to or
We look forward to hearing from you, in appreciation of your consideration