A very long time ago our consultants went to home-based child
care settings and had “play visits” with the care providers and
their children. We have heard from a number of providers that
they would love to have these visits again. Well, we are very
pleased to be offering these fun and interactive home visits.

Recently we re-packaged and re-purposed a number of our
resources to create new beautiful and engaging resource
boxes. Would you like one of our consultants to come to your
home, bring a resource box along, and visit and play with you
and your children? Everyone will unpack the box together,
explore the toys and materials, and the consultant will show
creative ways to use the items with the children. At the end of
the visit you can keep the box for the month and continue the

Contact our office for further information about the play visit, the
resource boxes, and to book a date.