Let’s Pretend Together! Drama for Meaningful Learning at Your Care Centre

Facilitated by Emily Holden

About the Workshop:

Tap into Dramatic Play! Learn how to begin to guide children’s natural interest in imaginative play into group intentional social emotional learning. This workshop will focus on using “Teacher In Role”.  Insert yourself, as an educator, into children’s dramatic play, in order to explore deeper learning with the children. Explore ways to encourage group problems solving and critical thinking in very young children through drama.  Be prepared to participate! (Please note: this workshop does not require any previous drama experience.)

About the Facilitator:

Emily Holden holds a master’s degree in Applied Theatre from the University of Victoria. She specializes in Drama in Education with pre-literate children. Her programs, Pretend Together and Wee Pretend Together, are offered out of Vic West Community Centre. Emily has been developing and facilitating drama workshops for young children in care centres, elementary schools and with their families for over four years. Emily is working on an upcoming website: drama-in-play.com


Oct 20 2020


07:30 PM - 09:10 PM
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