Eating Together: Making Meals Matter

Come and learn about…
-the new Provincial Pediatric Nutrition Guidelines,
-resources such as Appetite to Play and Healthy Families BC,
-ensuring best potential for brain development, early learning, and happier meal times, and
-ways to help families make meals a positive and energizing experience, as well as a time to connect.

Swati Scott is a Community Dietitian working in Victoria. She has worked in many areas of
nutrition including acute care, mental health, primary care, home care, education, and most
recently in community health. Her current area of practice focuses on maternal and infant
nutrition. She is passionate about helping families make meals a positive and energizing
experience and a time to connect. She believes this needs to start as early as
possible. She is an active participant in local and provincial groups that focus on maternal
and early years health.


Sep 29 2018


09:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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