Alpha Children (Workshop #3 in series)

Facilitated by: Debbie Cybulski, RSW

A growing number of children (and youth) are presenting as demanding, prescriptive,
bossy, and controlling. They are unable to follow the lead or direction of adult care providers. Alpha
children can be challenging to manage and, by their nature, are more likely to present with troubling
behaviour. This is making the child-adult dance much more difficult than it used to be, or needs to be,
despite the plethora of advice-giving and strategies available today. Internationally renowned
developmental psychologist Dr. Gordon Neufeld uncovers the surprising roots of the alpha complex, and
in doing so, opens the doors for lasting change: in the family, in care settings, in the classroom, and in
This video-course has been developed by internationally renowned developmental psychologist Dr.
Gordon Neufeld, a best-selling and award-winning author.His revolutionary yet scientific approach turns
parenting right-side up, restoring natural intuition to parenting and putting parents back in the driver`s seat.
His book, Hold On To Your Kids is causing an international stir and is now available in eight languages. This
video-course takes the best that science has to offer and renders it readily accessible to parents and care
providers of children of all ages. Dr. Neufeld’s approach has won powerful endorsements from such
luminaries as Dr. Daniel Siegel, Dr. Mary Pipher, Raffi, Dr. Peter Levine, and Robert Bly. For information about
Dr. Neufeld or his approach visit his website:


Nov 17 2018


09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
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